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Template Overlap Method  1.0.0
A Template Matching Tool for Jet Substructure
Template Overlap documentation

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TemplateTagger is a C++ package for jet substructure analysis with Template Overlap Method. The code operates with arbitrary models within fixed-order perturbation theory and arbitrary kinematics. Specialized template generation classes allow the user to implement any model for a decay of a boosted heavy object. In addition to template overlap, the code provides ability to calculate other template shape and energy flow observables.

Many of the facilities of TemplateTagger can be accessed through the two following classes:

  • MatchingMethod: The main class for template matching analyses
  • TemplateTagger: A FastJet wrapper for the MatchingMethod class.


The TemplateTagger package can be set up and run as follows.

Download the code and then unpack it:

  tar xvf TemplateOverlap-1.0.3.tar.gz

Move to the source folder

 cd TemplateOverlap-1.0.3/

and then compile and link the example that comes with the tarball

g++ -Wall -O2 -o short_example \
‘${FASTJETLOCATION}/fastjet-config --cxxflags --libs‘   

The previous step compiles the example program which illustrate the basic functionality of TemplateTagger. The program reads a template file template2b.dat . To execute the test program, type

./short_example template2b.dat 

See these slides for a quick tour of the main features of Template Tagger


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