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Template Overlap Method  0.3.0
A Template Matching Tool for Jet Substructure
TemplateTagger Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TemplateTagger:

Public Types

typedef TemplateTaggerStructure StructureType
 the type of Structure returned

Public Member Functions

 TemplateTagger (FunctionOfPseudoJet< templ_t > *Ov_func, Selector selector, const double R1, const double ovcut)
 ctor with arguments (see the class description above)
virtual std::string description () const
 returns a textual description of the tagger
virtual PseudoJet result (const PseudoJet &jet) const

Protected Attributes

FunctionOfPseudoJet< templ_t > * _Ovfunc
Selector _selector
 the overlap function to use to match the jets
double _R1
 the subjet selection criterium
double _ovcut
 The size of the subcone around each template parton.

Member Function Documentation

PseudoJet TemplateTagger::result ( const PseudoJet &  jet) const

runs the tagger on the given jet and returns the tagged PseudoJet if successful, a PseudoJet==0 otherwise (standard access is through operator()).

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